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Check it Out! KDE Connect


This is the first entry in my series called "Check it Out!", where I talk about software that I find to be useful or interesting, and that you should check out too.

It seems as if convenience is most people's biggest priority nowadays, with most software being geared torwards satisfying that criteria. Out of all the software I've tried, though, none have ever had convenience without compromise better than KDE Connect.

What is it?

KDE Connect is a desktop & mobile application that seamlessly links your phone and computer. Their GitHub does a pretty good job explaining exactly how it works.


I'll just plop down an unordered list of what I use it for most often:

  • Transfer files between your phone and computer
  • Send an alarm signal to your phone in case you can't find it
  • Check your phone's battery and notifications from your computer
  • Take a picture with your phone and instantly send it to your PC
  • Use your PC's keyboard on your phone, or your phone's touchscreen as a mouse

Benefits and Downsides


Like I said before, convenience is the main factor that makes this software worthwhile. There's little to no latency between your devices, from file transfer being nearly instant to inputs only having very slight delay. You don't have to jump through any hoops to get this software running, either; Installation is braindead simple for the desktop and phone, and as long as you're on the same network, connection is a very simple task.


Most people will question the impact KDE Connect has on your battery and memory. KDE Connect is pretty good at managing both of these, when they're idle the battery drain is either nonexistent or, at most, barely noticable. The real drainage starts when you actively transfer files, however. From then I noticed the app started to consume more battery. This blog post from someone else describes how the battery drain became an issue on his LG phone, but keep in mind that the next post right after that describes how the battery drain ceased after he bought a new, more modern device.